The director and cinematographer of the film, Matthew Hayes is both an independent filmmaker and  PhD student in Canadian Studies at Trent University. He’s made Peterborough his home with his wife and two kids, and sees this film as his way of helping to eradicate poverty in our community. Two of his previous short films have focused on Peterborough: Tilco Striker and The Masjid, both of which can be found here.


The film’s executive producer, Ben vanVeen is a Peterborough-based realtor. He has lived and studied in Canada and various countries abroad, and brings an international perspective to his work. As a sponsor of Peterborough’s Summer Family Film Series, he understands the power of film, and through his work as a realtor, he sees firsthand the importance of housing and security. He volunteers his time on the Executive of The Board of Directors of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Board of the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network, and enjoys working on his rural homestead.


A producer of the film, Jon Hedderwick is a professional spoken word poet who has performed across Canada and an organizer and educator with the Peterborough Poetry Slam Collective. By day, he works as a job developer and an employment counsellor advocating for unemployed, under-employed and marginalized workers in the community. He lives in Peterborough with his wife and daughter and spends as much time as he can wandering aimlessly with them through the woods.


One of Peterborough City’s Town Ward councillors, and a producer of the film, Diane Therrien moved to Peterborough to pursue her Master’s studies at Trent. She instantly fell in love with the city and sense of community. Currently, Diane is the Facilitator of Community Education and Engagement for the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network, where she is drafting a strategic plan for poverty reduction in Peterborough city and county.


The film’s editor, Rob Viscardis is a well-rounded emerging Canadian filmmaker whose primary occupation is as a film editor, but he has also gained experience as a producer, director, cinematographer, composer, and post-production supervisor. Rob recorded several albums and toured in bands across Canada before transitioning into the film world. Rob’s first feature is a music-documentary that premiered at the Reframe International Film Festival and has played across Canada.